The Best Looking Apartments in Town

I had been on the hunt for a new apartment recently with the help of – a listing service that I found to be surprisingly useful. Typically I have always had to resort to walking around the area where I was hoping to find an apartment looking for ‘For Rent’ signs which has always worked out for me. This time, since I was moving from out of state, I was clearly going to be unable to do this myself which is why I ended up using an online listing service. Always before I’ve had nothing but bad luck with them but this time it helped me find exactly what I had been looking for!

Then again, I’ve always avoided them because I have found cheaper places by meandering around a neighborhood. A lot of times you’ll find that some of the cheaper places don’t list because they don’t want to pay for the listing price – I don’t blame them, from what I’ve heard they can be pretty expensive if you’re trying to run for multiple units. I generally favor the kind of place that has been converted from a house into a duplex or some such, they’re more cozy and a lot more comfortable.

Not to mention that’s the easiest way to find some of the most unique and best looking apartments; you’re rarely going to find an apartment with vaulted ceilings, a Murphy bed or stain glass windows in new apartments. That’s the sort of architecture that you’re only going to find from a house that has been converted or even a factory that has been transformed into some cool apartments! My last place was a dog food factory that had done just that and as of yet, it remains my absolute favorite apartment to this day.

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