Such a Choice of Floor Plans!

I started a search for Forestville apartments after I got pregnant. I live in a studio apartment. If you had the luck of never living in a studio apartment, I admire you. They are small, so small that just one person feels cramped living here. I couldn’t even fit a couch in here it’s so tiny. So with a child on the way, I knew I needed to find a bigger place. The only problem I had was finding a place to stay that was bigger yet wouldn’t cost a lot more in rent. Thankfully, my mother offered to help.

So that is why I started looking online for one bedroom apartments. Many places I found offered a single floor plan at a cost that just didn’t work with my budget. I began to despair that I would find a new place, and the baby’s due date kept getting closer. I am happy to say I finally located a great complex that offers a number of one bedroom apartment floor plans. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to take my mother over to the place and take a look. They didn’t have the rent posted on the site so I wanted to ask when I got there.

So we drove over and the complex is in a nice place and the staff is so nice. They even took the time to take us through the different one bedroom floor plans and explain the benefits of each one. You can imagine how happy I was to discover that I could easily afford one of the apartments. Now I don’t have to worry about trying to raise a child in a studio apartment. Even better is that I can finally have a couch in my new digs! I can’t wait to move in.

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