Satisfaction is About Where You Live

One look at was enough to convince me that I would love living at the Seaside Residences. Having a living space with an incredible view of the sea is something that many people want to have. Rather than buying a home, I decided to move into the building and get all of the amenities that I would have and a little bit more. There is a pool area and I love to swim, so the building is a match made in heaven for me. In the morning, I go to the pool and swim a few laps to wake me up. It gets my heart pumping, my blood flowing, and works up an appetite.

After showering off, I head from the residence to a local restaurant and have an amazing breakfast. The breakfast is better than anything I could have ever made at home, and I consider myself to be a pretty good cook. I always get something extra to go before I leave the restaurant so I can have something to snack on during the day. I do most of my work from home, so when I want to take a break, I can just look out the window at the seaside view and relax away.

Later in the week I’m going to go to the mall closest to the building and look for a gift for my mother. Her birthday is coming up, so I want to get her something really unique. I always have a tough time thinking of something that will be a good gift for her because I always want to get something that is better than what I got her the previous year. I suppose I could buy something from the mall that would let me make her a handmade gift. I’m not that great of an artist, but I’ll try my best.

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