Had a Little Drama at Work Today

We had a pretty big incident at work today. I guess when someone was cleaning up last night they must have put something down one one the kitchen drains, it was obviously something that did not want to go down. At any rate they quickly discovered that the drains were clogged up this morning when they began to prep for lunch. We had to find a plumber to do drain cleaning in Bronx NY and convince him to come right away. The boss was no place to be seen. Of course he has a girlfriend half his age and the two of them are out having a really good time some place that does not involve doing his job. He left me here to do that, although I am thinking that it seems as though I should make more money if I am doing the job of the boss around this place. At any rate this all led to a great deal of chaos. For awhile we were afraid that we would not be able to get the kitchen open in good time, but instead we simply had to limit the menu. It was not that big of a deal to most people who came in, but obviously you are going to have that one person who makes it into a big tragedy. We have this one guy who comes in all of the time and he acts as though he has some sort of privileges in the place. He was really upset about the fact that we did not have what he decided to order. Of course there was not much that could be done about it, and I had to try to make him accept this. He ended up storming off and saying that he was never coming back again for as long as he lived.

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