Growing Up and Settling in Texas

As an aging millennial, I’m finally buying my first home. It’s a bit later in life than my parents bought theirs, or their parents before them for that matter. I wasn’t sure I ever wanted a home of my own anyway. I knew one thing for sure though, wherever I was in the world, I wanted to live in a environmentally responsible manner, so when I moved back home, I found a website called that has green energy options, so I can live an environmentally responsible life while settling into my new role of domesticity.

Now you’re probably wondering why the change of heart? Why did I decide to get a house and all that goes with it? The answer is probably what you’d expect: I met a girl. I mean I had the travel bug bad and wanted more than anything to see the world. As I was touring the world, I met Suzanne, the love of my life. Just like me, she was determined to see as much of the world as possible and we went everywhere, Southeast Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, Africa. Eventually though she decided she wanted to settle down and start a family and for the first time in my life, I wanted that to.

Now we are living in a tidy little home of our own, with a tire swing in the yard and I’m even thinking of putting in a white picket fence. I still don’t have a big screen television and the only sport I care about is high school football, it’s a big deal in our town, but if I did get one of those big HD-TVs I would at least be comfortable in the knowledge that all our power is completely renewable, since it comes from wind energy.

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