A Better Way of Doing Business

I have been subscribed to Time Warner Cable for a couple of years now with very little to complain about. However, I don’t support the merger with Comcast as I believe that they are going to become too large of a company with far too many customers. I’ve come to accept the fact that there is a limited number of options available in regards to our cable subscription so I have to take the good with the bad, acknowledging the fact that I sometimes will have to deal with poor customer service despite even if I feel like that shouldn’t be the case.

I feel like the customer service will only grow worse when they suddenly find themselves with millions of more customers all using the same network, no doubt straining the infrastructure that is already being strained enough. They don’t do anything to upgrade it so how can they actually expect it to hold up? How can they expect to provide quality customer service when it is already suffering due to overworked employees who often have to take all kinds of abuse from frustrated and angry customers whose services are not in working order. I’ve been on BOTH sides of the fence, I know how it is.

I used to work for Comcast when I was 18 and I got some crazy kind of abuse from customers. I can’t blame them; that doesn’t mean I don’t wish they were more calm and collected when they called but after you have been routed through multiple reps and channels and departments it begins to wear on the nerves. You begin to lose your cool when all you want is your problem to be resolved. Sooner or later, the problem is fixed, but the process should never ever be so long in the undertaking.

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